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Truth from 1900

” And on the cultural side, the outcome was the creation of a human type whose morality appeared to be confined to the question of practical utility alone, and whos highest criterion of right and wrong was material success.

I saw how confused and unhappy our life had become; how little there was of real communion between man and man despite all the strident, almost hysterical, insistence on ‘community’ and ‘nation’; how far we had strayed from our instincts; and how narrow, how musty our souls had become. I saw all this but somehow it never seriously occurred to me – as it never seems to have occurred to any of the people around me – that an answer, or at least partial answers, to these perplexities might perhaps be gained from other than Europe’s own cultural experiences. Europe was the beginning and the end of all our thinking and even my discovery of Lao-tse – at the age of seventeen or so – had not altered my outlook in this respect.”