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Life is again, Exciting

Moving parts, lots of moving parts – at the end of the week a lot of these parts will have stopped leaving me with verdicts of late nights, international flights, and business development….. or a continuation of the same old – I hope and pray for the former with the caveat of safety.

The Middle-East is very slowly churning into reality, Freelance work is buying me some popularity with people I have never met – including round trip tickets to Chicago, JOMO Market (My current e-commerce business venture) is looking to ramp up and be running very shortly, AND I might land a contract which will enable me to work from home for a month – I.e. I’m gonna hit California for a few days before I head over to Wisconsin to chill with the family.

The only variables now are confidence, charm, and capability. I hope to have them, if not, develop them as. soon. as. possible.

Again, this could all fall apart at by end of week – hence, life is again.. exciting – and stressful.

I forgot to mention I get my motorcycle license next weekend.  And climbing a 3.5 mile mountain path in West VA including a 280 ft rock face to climb.  Cheers to progression and pray for safety in all endeavors.