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Fourty years, sleeping in your car while he gets high. Long winter blows, sleeping on the phone while you pass by. How long, how long, and how long will I wait before it’s gone?
You long for more, you head away from all you love. There are no worries, there in the trailer park again, sleeping, you’re sleeping. How long, how long and how long will I wait before it’s gone?


Two Songs

That I’ve literally listened to over 60 times (Thanks, Last.fm) and have yet to grow tired of. These two tracks are as close to phoenetic perfection that one can get, lyrically and musically.

Frank Ocean – Sucka for Love


Wale – Strings

Messages from You – Drake

This is too perfect & too short (sort of like me 😉

Its been on loop for the last two days – and I’m sure it’ll continue to be as I fly over Europe the next couple nights.
I visited a small village in Western Afghanistan yesterday, hope to write about the experience after I arrive at my final destination tomorrow.

Had to share it..