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So Good

I told her that I missed her, put her on a plane
Goyard luggage, just a product of the fame
I told her that I dug her, I wasn’t running game
And if she left a brotha, I wouldn’t be the same

She met me at the W, grabbed me by my chain
Then kissed me like she meant it, so glad she came
Told me she was in love, she wasn’t running game
And since she got off the plane, she didn’t feel the same

So now we’re loving the winter, flaming in the rain
The only one I’m into, never gonna change
Cause when I said I dug her, I wasn’t running game
Since she been rocking with me, the crush has been insane

She’s a 1 of 1 D color VVS stone
My precious, you’re my everything, no please don’t leave me lone
She told me she was so sprung, I never was a lame
And that the feelings so good, she wish that it would stay

Overall amazing production. On loop one whole week thus far,

Frank Ocean – Sucka For Love