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The first (and maybe but not ideally, the last) Muslim Low Income Scholarship at University of Wisconsin is about to be distributed to the very first scholarship award winner. Happy to see the $$$ finally being put into action.

Waiting too Long

I’m ready to press my lips to the sky and kiss destiny.

I’ve waited too long clip independent from the need to be tied into the networks and social structures outside of my own.  It’s time to build my own foundations and take life the way I want it, not the way it was prescribed by someone else.

Ideally in the next month I’ll either be between DC and Cali, or DC and a country in the Middle-East to be announced in the next month…. 🙂  I will feel truly accomplished to know I played a role in the rebuilding of a nation – while my baby project, http://www.globalmarketfoods.com gets ready to launch within a few weeks.

The Building Process

A possible unfortunate fact of the human condition is that we will have many negative experiences of varying intensity through our existence which will create memories and thought processes which, when reflected on, evoke the very same emotions endured during the negative experience. These memories and thoughts then will be carried with us for our entire lifetime, after all, intense negative experiences are hard to forget! Though, this could be fortunate; in order to survive it’s important to carry lessons learned from negative experiences, and unforgettable anecdotal emotion could function as a catalyst for opinions and preference based on prior experience. ANYWAY,

What I’m really trying to say is, in order to achieve growth as an individual, you must confront thoughts that you are afraid to think about. After a rough break up at the beginning of the year, I was afraid of being away from the company of others, since my idle mind would begin to process thoughts about the break-up. It wasn’t until I was able to consciously think things through before being able to move forward. This applies to any emotional experience.

Moral: Think about thinking. Process the thoughts you are afraid to process in order to establish sound judgement on prior experience and carry that with you as you move forward. Why carry weight when you can process and discard it? As a ridiculous metaphor, consider your digestive system. Something you ate tasted so terrible that you hate to even think about it, instead of carrying it inside of you, you reap the nutrients from it, and discard the waste – ridiculous, I know; but visuals usually help me remember (even though this visual straight nasty).

In the words of Raphael Saadiq

This road is strange, so strange it is
You know it really hurts inside yeah, sometimes
No matter how good you are to people you know
They’ll make you cry sometimes, sometimes

I am so proud people see the young man I came to be
With lifelong struggles you kept a smile on my face
And as I am looking all around me I say how can I ever repay you?
Mama was worth more than gold and she always tried to tell me

The Lady in the Coffeeshop

For the past 3 days I’ve been coming to the same coffeeshop to do some work (fri-sun), and since I’ve begun coming here, I’ve noticed the same lady, in the same seat, here everyday that I am. Everyday it’s always the same thing. She’s in the corner by the window, at the small table, seemingly pensive, either looking out the window or around the coffeeshop. No books, no music, no computer. She’s there for what I would imagine to be hours at a time. And I’ve only begun coming here since Friday, how long has she been coming here and reliving the previous day?

It’s a bit saddening, everyone’s lonely and looking for any sort of comfortable social company. Finding that, especially outside of school, is an entire puzzle in itself, but this article sort of highlights the tragedy of this woman’s situation.