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Positive correlation between wealth (financial & social) and detachment from reality. Obviously a generalization w/ exceptions, but something to think about. As my economics professor used to say, “bible sales always increase during a recession.”

Not implying that purchasing a bible = reattachment with reality, but implying that collective consciousness shifts towards more towards metaphysical thought processes as living conditions worsen.

Check this out – Religiosity Highest in World’s Poorest Nations:

I’m coming to find New York is flooded with folks in their later years still strongly interested in promiscuity, money, and power. I would honestly much rather prefer simpler living. I visited Wisconsin for an extended weekend and spent an hour hiking alone in the forest. It was absolutely incredible. That level of isolation and serenity is not possible anywhere in Manhattan. It was much more real than anything I’ve experienced in NYC.

A friend from DC who visited may have put it best, “Living in NYC is fun, but I can’t imagine it being healthy in any way shape or form.” Kinda makes sense to me.

Finished a book entitled The Greatest Salesman in the World. I found the prose to be mad lame, but extracted a couple points from it I found worth remembering.

1) Everything runs in cycles, as nature has it cycles, so do humans. Our cycles involve our habits. In order to kill a bad habit, you must replace it with a good habit. We must implement good habits and become a slave to them. This requires discipline. I’m making a concerted effort to identify my bad habits and replace them with good ones. As funny as it sounds, this means I’m also making my bed every morning.

2) With any accumulation of wealth, you should make it a personal value to donate X% of it to charity consistently.

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