Monthly Archives: March 2016

Overheard at a Cafe

Two dudes at a cafe talking to each other. One said to the other, “Humans live off of the death of other living beings. We cannot survive unless we eat a plant or an animal. Both require the death of something that was living. A higher form of being would be self sustaining, and wouldn’t require the death of other life in order to sustain itself.” I thought about it for a bit, and I thought it a pretty cool idea.

Two Latest Life Hacks

1) Using Upwork — I’ve been outsourcing work for $5+, things like market research, programming, email distribution, etc. I’ve nearly tripled my productivity by stepping away from time consuming tasks and outsourcing their completion. In a weekend I finish coding a functionality for, sending a survey to 200 people, and writing a research paper where before I would’ve only been able to tackle one in the same time frame. I should’ve joined this bandwagon years ago.

2) Using Audible — I can read two books at the same time. I listen to one while walking around the city and read one at night before I sleep. Latest reads: 1984 and Black Box Thinking.

So many

times in my life there have been things that I’ve wanted so bad that haven’t worked out for me. Not necessarily because something better was destined, in fact rarely, but instead because I begin to realize the true nature of the things that I wanted; it’s only later I realize that these objects, people, or situations of desire were, more often than not, really not in my best interest. And to realize those sorts of things takes time. And to realize in time requires patience.