Monthly Archives: December 2015

Today I found myself

standing in the business school cafeteria, deciding whether I should get the standard oatmeal white chocolate or the double chocolate cookie when it occurred to me that as I am here, in this moment, there are others in the world who are getting married, having kids, starting companies, having moments, dear fleeting moments which may have only lasted a couple seconds but will be with them forever. People are laughing from their core, crying from their soul, enduring the high peaks and dark valleys that life forever offers. People are starting revolutions, babies are being born, music is being composed, money is being made, dreams are being fulfilled. Parents are applauding their children, seasons are changing, blue-collars are working double-shifts. And while this whirlwind of activity is sweeping up all of humankind, here I am, thinking about which cookie I should eat.

If you care to know, I went with the oatmeal white chocolate.