Monthly Archives: November 2012

Inspiration, where is you?

In the constant pursuit of a more successful tomorrow. The beckoning of the human ego to get on the next rung of the “success” ladder to only be unsatisfied with it soon thereafter is the bane of the American (or maybe Human?) existence.

Over lunch today, my colleagues and I discussed The Island Where People Forget to Die and how important health and family are. If you haven’t read the mentioned NY Times article, please take a break from BreakinWorld (I know, hard to do) and read this article. It’s an amazing examination of life, culture, and longevity.

Among the lunch time discussion topics was the topic of American’s value of deadlines. Though good for productivity and thus economy, what are the long-term implications of enforced and tight deadlines with high-levels of scrutiny as a re-enforcer?

Between failing the GMAT multiple times (for which studying has cost me several “hey mom, meet your daughter-in-law” opportunities), a freelance contract, my consulting gig, our startup, and leaving to Mozambique in December – time to dream and be creative has dwindled with tangible personal impacts, i.e. the dark circles around my eyes. All work and no play is not healthy, but the human ego refuses to buy into this. As my French colleague used to say, C’est la vie.

Don’t fret, however, I dropped this track a couple days ago, I highly recommend you hit play, click Like, and tell all your friends and family about it.

Do a random act of kindness today, fulfill your need to be a socially conscious and happy cog in society’s machine. Buy a homeless person a dinner. Smile at someone. Talk to your roommate/friend/mother for 30 minutes. Do something happy, damnit.