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The Difference “Hangin in There” Can Make

Going through old emails to dig up information for my business school applications, I found this email I sent to a very large thread of friends, associates, and colleagues in 2010 when I was living in Minneapolis…

Hello all,

So I am making a sort of random life decision to move out of my apartment, quit my job, and move out east (west would be cool but it just seems a lot farther away). I’ve thought a lot about it, and it could either be a really really bad decision or could change the course of my life for the much better. My current job is getting me nowhere and Minneapolis is relatively depressing.

My request to you all is if you have any resources in the Technology/IT/Bus. Analyst/Consulting industry, please get in touch with me. I am currently a software engineer but trying to transition into a consulting career to help align my future goals. I can send my resume if you would like.

Thanks so much and let me keep me posted!


That was only two years ago, I can’t believe it.

The gamble I took on moving? Well it “changed the course of my life for the much better.” Sometimes you gotta take a bold chance and let history run its course.

Two Songs

That I’ve literally listened to over 60 times (Thanks, and have yet to grow tired of. These two tracks are as close to phoenetic perfection that one can get, lyrically and musically.

Frank Ocean – Sucka for Love


Wale – Strings