Monthly Archives: May 2012

After having the blessing to travel to

…a lot of places, I’ve realized how lucky many of us really are to be where we’re from. There is a lot of poverty and war – everywhere.

I’ve also realized that if we’re one of the few that have escaped poverty and war, it seems almost obligatory upon us to give back to our respective communities. Only through not forgetting our communities and families will change come to them. Giving back does not mean simply donating to charity occasionally, but a concerted physical effort which focuses on changing some problematic aspect of the current societal norm. E.g. lack of educational facilities for children.

As a Pakistani by ethnicity, it would be a total shame for me to have been given a better life in the US and not leverage the benefits to give back to my own people, and others. After meeting some of my cousins in Pakistan for the first time in my life, I now have on the ground connections to help me figure out what actually can be done to help.

Now to actually figure out what to do. In case you’re looking for inspiration…