Monthly Archives: August 2011


The first (and maybe but not ideally, the last) Muslim Low Income Scholarship at University of Wisconsin is about to be distributed to the very first scholarship award winner. Happy to see the $$$ finally being put into action.

Life is again, Exciting

Moving parts, lots of moving parts – at the end of the week a lot of these parts will have stopped leaving me with verdicts of late nights, international flights, and business development….. or a continuation of the same old – I hope and pray for the former with the caveat of safety.

The Middle-East is very slowly churning into reality, Freelance work is buying me some popularity with people I have never met – including round trip tickets to Chicago, JOMO Market (My current e-commerce business venture) is looking to ramp up and be running very shortly, AND I might land a contract which will enable me to work from home for a month – I.e. I’m gonna hit California for a few days before I head over to Wisconsin to chill with the family.

The only variables now are confidence, charm, and capability. I hope to have them, if not, develop them as. soon. as. possible.

Again, this could all fall apart at by end of week – hence, life is again.. exciting – and stressful.

I forgot to mention I get my motorcycle license next weekend.  And climbing a 3.5 mile mountain path in West VA including a 280 ft rock face to climb.  Cheers to progression and pray for safety in all endeavors.