Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Large Key to Success

Know your greatest strength and leverage the shit out of it.

Of the many things I lack, the ONE thing I can do really well is develop and manage relationships. I am a networker, I network by personality. Because of this I have a consulting job on the east coast, a budding freelance career, and potentially an opportunity to travel overseas to help build the next Bangalore of the Middle-East.

Im not the best looking, most intelligent, most smooth, etc – but I will remember your name on the first introduction and I will give you big smiles, kind words, and I might squirrel my way into your trust zone. It’s been working thus far.

Waiting too Long

I’m ready to press my lips to the sky and kiss destiny.

I’ve waited too long clip independent from the need to be tied into the networks and social structures outside of my own.  It’s time to build my own foundations and take life the way I want it, not the way it was prescribed by someone else.

Ideally in the next month I’ll either be between DC and Cali, or DC and a country in the Middle-East to be announced in the next month…. 🙂  I will feel truly accomplished to know I played a role in the rebuilding of a nation – while my baby project, gets ready to launch within a few weeks.