Monthly Archives: June 2011

On Reminders

Wisconsin is funny; as I crossed an intersection, a truck came puttering by at a steady pace with a recliner in the back bed of the truck, in the recliner sat a seemingly happy individual. Today, when I was standing around my dads shop, a tobacco supplier was energetically reeling off his strange views on politics using his own made up jargon. I took a walk on the road in front of the shop which is 2 months deep in construction, the closed avenues have filtered out much of the traffic you’d see on a normal summer day – and much really isn’t that much.

Back to the indefinite problems, the infinite loops, the flipping of pages and numbering of regrets. Back to pacing in the kitchen, rehearsing finances, acting out hypotheticals, the light reflecting on the still surface of still-warm chai. The endless swarms of lakeflies above a lawn forever in renovation. And jumping in the car in search of something to stay busy. Back to the stories of memories past, opportunities lost, and the wishing of things different. And back to the simple things that keep the days lit and the nights calm.