Monthly Archives: April 2011

On Commitment

The sun rose high suspended on whispy clouds breathed across a bright blue canvas; its eminence manifested by the heat which spilled forth from its presence. She mentioned to him the importance of loyalty, because without loyalty everything that we’ve come to know would cease to exist. As the rain creates a pact with the earth to coalesce from the heights at which it rests down to the earths’ fabric in intervals and nurture lively formations; we must create the foundations of our nearness around loyalty. He paused for a moment to try and understand, and asked, “How is it possible to know one’s loyalty?”. She explained the confirmation rests within the strong and unvocalized bond of trust while in presence of passing time; for in the passage of time the seeds of uncertainty begin to root, but true loyalty supresses the minds’ natural deviation and confirms its dedication to the one it is truly loyal to.

On Personal Develop

Regardless if you acknowledge it, your life is a breakdown of different spheres of development, at work youre participating in career-development, on those short walks home (granted you’re not on your phone or other digital device) you’re participating in self-development by simply thinking, when you’re in a social environment you’re becoming a more socially developed person, etc — I think the only time when you’re not at all developing is when you’re watching TV 🙂

I think life is a balance and outcome of the development spheres you choose to grow the most. For some people, career is life, hence career-development and success. For others, personal-development is a hindrance as not enough is done to sustain a stable and secure mindset and therefore becomes an impediment to other developments.

I think personal-development is something that is becoming more and more rare. With the advent of social media and the ability to be connecting from literally anywhere, the time spent reflecting on the self is increasingly shrinking. It’s scary because personal-development paves way to character building, personality refinement, and I would venture to assume overall satisfaction with life and happiness. The less-time we spend truly disconnected and thinking about the self, the less we understand ourselves, and where we’re coming from.