Monthly Archives: March 2011

On Facial Expressions

Im constantly shocked at how much the smallest facial expressions can set the tone of a communication. This past week I spent quite a bit of time paying more attention to particular facial features when talking with different people, and observing other people talk (creepy, I know) and came across a handful of observations in conjunction with things I’ve thought about in the past. I pay a lot of attention to eyebrows. I notice my eyebrows are generally up, i.e. wrinkled forehead / shocked expression. I’ve come to realize this is indicative of openness and honesty with perhaps a blow to the perceived (and maybe internally reflected) confidence. Usually when people are defensive/emphatic about a matter they are honest about, the eyebrows go up. So people come to associate that facial expression with the usual emotions that come with it. More confident individuals in my experience keep eyebrows low — this is something i’ve been working on especially in professional environments. Another example is I frequently put my hand up to my face when sitting/standing/talking. If I put my hand against my cheek I believe it indicates disinterest, but by simply moving it to my chin it indicates thoughtfulness, in conjunction with squinting eyes (deeper thought), I think I might be coming off as hopefully a better listener 🙂

On another note a couple random pieces that seem to be resonating lately.

You only truly have one handful of true and good friends; if you think you have more, you’re either very very lucky, or kidding yourself.

Good things do NOT come to those who wait, good things come to those who reach out and grab em. Got to be more proactive, disciplined, etc.

As straight forward as you want to be when it comes to social mechanics and communication dynamics, the world we live in plays games, so you gotta play along.