Monthly Archives: January 2011

A Moral Buried in Stress

I was given an offer through my company, at the beginning of the new year, to work as a contractor with a very reputable company out on the west coast. ┬áThe position was a couple steps above my current position on the totem pole, but the terms & conditions of the move were a bit shady; so it was a really difficult decision to make. I wanted it, but I didn’t want it at the same time – this statement sounds all too familiar, right? Anyway, my contact was very aggressive about it – we deliberated about the opening frequently. Finally, I made a decision – and when I did, it was already too late, and said aggressive contact had given the position to someone else. Literally, a day late, a buck short. I was thrown off balance for a week+ involving lots of ice cream and consolation.

A month and a half (approx) later, I get an email from the aggressive contact saying, “hey, that position you wanted has opened up effective almost immediately, do you want it?” This is after he told me he wouldn’t have anything for a year. Well, hard work put in, after missing the great opportunity, I landed a gig 5x better right within DC (which was nice after having a messy break up in the beginning of the year, I had a support structure in the city to help) — including many benefits i’ll leave unmentioned here (if interested, ask me about it) that I would not have received at ‘the great company’. I have a feeling the other person they found to fill my position didnt quite cut it, or bailed on them, or any other # of things that could’ve happened, or maybe they just needed additional help? ┬áNot only did I get a position I really wanted, but aggressive contact also reached back out to me, something I never expected to happen.

Moral of the story: Sometimes in the moment, you want something so bad, and dwell on ‘how it was supposed to be’ if you miss it, but with enough resilience and confidence, something better is almost always waiting around the corner. Whether that be a job, a girl (or guy), an opportunity, etc. If you ever had a bad feeling about something — it was for a reason, the key to forever progress is in reflecting on and learning from your mistakes.

In the words of Raphael Saadiq

This road is strange, so strange it is
You know it really hurts inside yeah, sometimes
No matter how good you are to people you know
They’ll make you cry sometimes, sometimes

I am so proud people see the young man I came to be
With lifelong struggles you kept a smile on my face
And as I am looking all around me I say how can I ever repay you?
Mama was worth more than gold and she always tried to tell me

The Need for Vision

After another usual late-night conversation with my roommate on the topic of why certain people succeed and others do not with regards to professional/personal career success, we came across an interesting point which truly resonated clear in my head; the need for vision.

Our information stream is infinite; we no longer need to spend days at a time researching a topic to ascertain a good understanding, it is served directly to us with the technologies of the 21st century and so forth. The bottle-neck variable now seems to be more so motivation versus lacking the necessary resources. Needless to say this constant and endless stream of options and information has an overloading effect.

I feel as though many times we are aware of the possibilities of our future, but the possibilities seem distant and highly varied. There are endless options of careers, and many of them require a foundational effort which can be difficult to manifest without a clear vision.

Vision meaning, somehow, instilling in an individual the knowledge that this is possible, and providing a very rough roadmap on how the vision can be achieved. E.x. I want to work for NASA – therefore I must attend a 4 yr university, major in some sort of aeronautic science, likely relocate to an area where a NASA base/office is located, and continue working/planning from there — as simple as this idea of “a vision” sounds, I feel it is not correctly provided to many.

It’s hard to achieve what you know exists but do not know how it is possible. A vision sheds light on a roadmap to achieving what you want. I feel that many people never actualize a vision.