Monthly Archives: December 2010

A Golden Rule for Programmers.. or Anyone

I’ve come realize my greatest problem when it comes to development of anything computer related. And maybe this is a glimpse into a greater problem from an abstract level. If I have time (or don’t have time, for that matter), I will try to crank out as many half-baked solutions to a development problem as I can possibly come up with, basing these hypothetical solutions on anecdotal evidence of what the problem could be. Rarely do I step back, clear my head, and really consider all variables in the problem to derive a single solution. Though this approach has a lesser “physical” property to it, because I’m not vigorously scratching my head and typing, it truly solves more in the long run.

I guess the point here is that though doing “accessory” things like typing out half baked ideas, sending a couple emails, etc may SEEM productive and give false sense of some sort of accomplishment, the real goals are achieved when you step-back and analyze the problem as a whole, and find THE most important leg of the problem and tackle that first. In my case, typing a bunch of solutions is just wasting time; what I really need to do is look out the window, consider my problem, figure out which details I need to figure out which will help me come closer to deriving a solution to a problem.

I hope this makes sense, but I think this is a really important life lesson.