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Interpretation errors

I think the biggest cause of error in reading someones body language is reading an individual sign by itself, instead of reading a cluster of signals as a whole. Remember Gestalt?

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

Remember to see the whole picture and not read too much into a single sign. For example, If I put my hand to my mouth when I listen to you speak, it doesn’t mean I want to interrupt and respond but im holding myself back, but check my eyebrows and my lean, for example, and it would probably tell you that I’m just listening intently.

Closer to my dreams

Getting closer, I can feel it. Not because of the following, but the following is interesting.

Ibn Seerins interpretation of seeing a “car” in your dream, which I seem to see regularly – I alway end up boarding a form of transport and arriving at a destination. This is almost verbatim from his book

“In a dream, a car represents someone who properly manages his life, for a car is made from many well coordinated parts, and carries many things and transports them from one location to another. If one sees himself riding a litter that is carried by people in a dream, it means that we will preside over people or beget a son who will be elevated in rank. If a traveler sees a car in his dream, it means that his trip will take a slow turn and he will be delayed. A car in a dream also signifies dignity, honor, advancement, and attainment. If one sees himself holding to a car or running after it in a dream, it means that he will lobby someone in authority and profit from him as much as nearness to such a car. If one sees himself riding on a cargo vehicle in a dream, it means suffering from distress and sorrow.”

-Ibn Seerins Dictionary of Dreams


I’m pretty certain eyebrows play a significant role in how we perceive others, as strange as it may sound, hear this out.

Think of someone you know personally that you perceive as relatively serious. Try to draw a mental image of that persons face.

Now think of someone you know that is not serious at all – laid back, maybe a bit on the humorous side. Now mentally remember their face and what it looks like.

The person you tried to recall who you think is serious, how were their eyebrows positioned? I am assuming they were relaxed, as in not raised or not scrunched in, just flat as they are. Now recall the person who you thought of as much less serious and more funny, how were their eyebrows positioned in your mental image? I would assume they are raised.

Raising your eyebrows signals your openness/innocence and/or “I’m not trying to hide anything” expression. I feel as though if you meet someone with your eyebrows raised, and continue to talk to them with them raised you may be perceived as less serious and more open vs keeping your eyebrows still and flat which my indicate seriousness and/or confidence.

Try switching it up and notice the difference. I feel as though i’ve seen this in action.

Missed Opportunities

A boy walked along a desolate country roadside, behind him hung a white rope which descended from the sky. In front of him lie a world of infinite possibilities. As he walked, the rope followed close behind, bound to nothing, but ascending into the sky as far as he could peer up and see, the white rope was always hanging emptily behind him. The boy walked to school every morning, with the rope closely following.

The boy grew to be an adolescent, he went to school, graduated, left home for the university, completed his university studies, all while the rope always followed close behind. It was not just the boy who had this mysterious rope descending from the sky behind him, but everyone he met, also, had a rope which followed them close as well. No one questioned, no one asked, no one bothered to discuss the rope, because well the rope was always there. It was simply part of the imagery of life. The curious few who climbed the rope were never heard from again, for they climbed into the clouds and were never to be seen, and their ropes had now vanished.

The boy grew into an old man, sitting on a rocking chair by the old country roadside he used to walk along when he went to school as a child. The rope, as ever, hung behind him. But on one particular day the old man wondered, “how would things have been different had I climbed this rope?”, he slowly began to reach for the rope but withdrew, realizing nothing was to come of it.

The old man was now being carried, in a coffin, to the site of his burial. His life complete, his rope now hanging above his coffin. The old man now bound to the confines of his coffin desperately tried to reach for the rope but could not, for his life has now completed and the rope which hangs emptily cannot by grasped. As he tries to reach for the rope dirt falls upon his black coffin, and with each shovel of dirt which falls atop his coffin, his rope slowly begins to ascend into the sky, to vanish as if it were never there.

Desired Results

A man sits at a round wooden table.  The wooden table has two plates, that sit opposite to each other, two forks, two spoons, and two cups.  The man looks at the clock on the far wall, the room is silent and all that can be heard in the silence are the timed intervals of the clocks in the room.  He awaits the late hours of the night.  Snow is falling at a steady pace outside, smoking chimneys above the rooftops of houses.  He continues to look at the clock, then glances down and reassures himself of the time by checking his wristwatch.  He leans slightly forward a little uneasy and continues to wait.  He stares at the clock.  He wonders what he should have done differently as he sits by himself at the round wooden table.

Impossible to Learn

adj \ˈpā-shənt\
Definition of PATIENT
: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint

Some are patient their entire lives awaiting an outcome they hope to achieve and never get, some don’t learn it as whatever they’ve desired has been delivered to them in an easy manner. Regardless of your progress in achievement of this attribute- it remains that no one truly has enough of it, and if you’re one to believe in the afterlife, you live in this state until you cease to exist. One thing is for real, upon waiting for “life to start” in my own personal case, I’ve come to realize it’s already started (and in all likelihood one-third over for that matter), and that it is a series of obstacles that require a perfect blend of luck/circumstance, effort, and patience to complete; unfortunately, there is no golden egg at the end of one obstacle since there are an indefinite amount more to come. This. word. is. intense.