DNS Issues with Google Public DNS

Maybe this will appear in search results for some unlucky soul (like me) and this write up will save you 10’s of hours.

I have a website hosted on Digital Ocean, with a domain purchased on Namecheap. Randomly, the website began having DNS issues only on my computer, in all browsers, and when I was connected to Wifi. I tried flushing DNS, I tried every browser. No dice.

I kept getting this response in Chrome…


The website was not accessible by IP address either. When I tried other computers, connected to Wifi, I realized it wasn’t my computer alone, but any computer on a public Wifi connection (e.g. Starbucks Wifi) could not connect.

I checked the DNS my computer was using and it was and — These are Google Public DNS addresses. When I switched the DNS to my local ISPs DNS – the problem magically went away.

I then went to (DNZ Viz) and ran an analysis on my website and it confirmed there was a DNSSec issue. I don’t know shit about any of this and this only added to my confusion. I’ve probably burnt 10 hours at this point.

Checked all my DNS settings on Digital Ocean, and on Namecheap.


Finally I reached out to Namecheap (website registrar) with the details outlined above, and within 5 minutes they fixed the DNSSec issue, apparently some records had gone outdated and their service had not updated my DNS records. Voila – problem solved.

TL;DR: If you’re having issues connecting to your website in all your browsers, run a DNS Viz report, if there’s an issue there, contact your website registrar’s tech support and they will update your DNS records and make everything work magically. Note: Only do this if you’ve checked ALL browsers and confirmed the website does not work on ALL browsers and when your DNS address is and

You know

Sometimes I think we’re mostly driven by reactions, instincts, expectations, and other uncontrollable aspects of our realities rather than the logical and rational thoughts and motivations that we pride ourselves in having.

Reflections on my MBA

I woke up at noon today and took a two hour walk along the river. Sometimes it’s nice to let your brain wander without any restrictions. I thought about a lot of things that had been on my mind. I thought a lot about my plans for the summer and beyond.

I’m done. I’m going to miss school. It’s nice to learn. It’s too bad that learning is so expensive. Sometimes it’s nice to let go of preconceived notions and just go with the flow. Too many times I thought I was too busy working to enjoy social activities. At the end of my academic career, I realize you’re never too busy for a day off, or a day exploring, or a day doing things you otherwise might not get a chance to do. Life’s about balance. The only thing off balance at the moment is my bank account… not looking forward to loan repayments.

What comes, let it in. What goes, let it leave. But always go after what you want and you don’t have.

Overheard at a Cafe

Two dudes at a cafe talking to each other. One said to the other, “Humans live off of the death of other living beings. We cannot survive unless we eat a plant or an animal. Both require the death of something that was living. A higher form of being would be self sustaining, and wouldn’t require the death of other life in order to sustain itself.” I thought about it for a bit, and I thought it a pretty cool idea.

Two Latest Life Hacks

1) Using Upwork — I’ve been outsourcing work for $5+, things like market research, programming, email distribution, etc. I’ve nearly tripled my productivity by stepping away from time consuming tasks and outsourcing their completion. In a weekend I finish coding a functionality for mtvt.me, sending a survey to 200 people, and writing a research paper where before I would’ve only been able to tackle one in the same time frame. I should’ve joined this bandwagon years ago.

2) Using Audible — I can read two books at the same time. I listen to one while walking around the city and read one at night before I sleep. Latest reads: 1984 and Black Box Thinking.

So many

times in my life there have been things that I’ve wanted so bad that haven’t worked out for me. Not necessarily because something better was destined, in fact rarely, but instead because I begin to realize the true nature of the things that I wanted; it’s only later I realize that these objects, people, or situations of desire were, more often than not, really not in my best interest. And to realize those sorts of things takes time. And to realize in time requires patience.